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              Holy Cross Parish Pastoral Plan 2011-2014

         Vision: To strengthen Holy Cross Parish as a true Eucharistic community

Pastoral Priority #1: Effect the renewal, conversion, and spiritual growth of the parish.

1. Expand, if desired by parishioners, the frequency of the monthly Benediction and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Implement by September 2011

2. Offer brief catechetical presentations after communion at weekend masses on the meaning and significance of the mass and the new mass translations. Implement September-November 2011

3. Develop a schedule of homilies focused on the meaning and significance of Sunday Eucharist. Implement September-November 2011

4. Develop a series of pastorís columns on the meaning and significance of the mass and the new mass translations. Implement September 2011-June 2012

5. Rehearse one new hymn or responsorial psalm at any mass where new music is being introduced. Implement September 2011-June 2014

6. Implement the new Faith Formation program. By October 2011

7. Offer a catechetical workshop for the fall introductory family meetings of the Faith Formation program on the meaning and significance of the mass. Implement October 2011

8. Charge the Church Family Life Commission to develop a preliminary three-year calendar of several possible social events to be offered or supported each year. By Fall 2011

9. Encourage people to lift their hands in praise during the Lordís Prayer. By Fall 2011

10. Offer an evening of reflection on the pastoral planís vision of being a Eucharistic community. Implement November 2011

11. Investigate the feasibility and desirability of a monthly Eucharistic devotion geared for the parish youth. Investigate by Spring 2012 Implement if feasible by Fall 2012

12. Study the desirability of a parish retreat/renewal program, and implement if found feasible. Study by Spring 2012 Implement if feasible by Fall 2012

13. Investigate reinstating the Moms and Tots program. By Spring 2012

14. Develop a parish-wide prayer ministry through email and bulletin prayer requests. Implement by Fall 2012

Pastoral Priority #2: Evangelize as a means of outreach to both active and inactive parishioners.

1. Send a special invitation to new families for the annual feast day reception and stewardship fair. By August 2011

2. Develop a welcome packet for new and returning parishioners. By Fall 2011

3. Form a Hospitality/Outreach committee to coordinate parish outreach to new and inactive parishioners. By Spring 2012

4. Investigate, and implement if feasible, mailing a welcome postcard to all new families in Easton; approach Immaculate Conception about a joint mailing. Investigate by Spring 2012 Implement, if feasible, by Fall 2012

5. Expand the bi-annual mailing to inactive parishioners to an annual mailing that will include the stewardship brochure and other pertinent information. By Spring 2012

6. Further develop the ushers into a ministry of hospitality. By Spring 2012

7. Investigate creation of a parish Facebook page and/or further development of the parish website and parish email bulletin. Investigate by Spring 2012 Create Facebook page, if desirable, by Fall 2012

8. Create a team of households to form the parish welcoming ministry. By Spring 2013

9. Charge the Hospitality/Outreach Committee to study various outreach programs for inactive Catholics and implement, if feasible, a suitable program for one year. Study by Fall 2012 Implement by Fall 2013

Approved by the Pastoral Council June 6, 2011


Revised: 09/17/14